More recently my insatiable and meticulous research has been focusing on:

- synthesis of shape (elimination of small details, anatomical stylization to reach a hermaphrodite sexuality)



- shade of colour (few colours and subtle shades chosen only to emphasize the human figure)



- expressiveness of artistic technique and material used (spreading of colour in flat backgrounds, lack of shadows, perspective and chiaroscuro: coarse-weave canvas tightened on a frame with rounded sides to make pictorially usable the entire surface of the painting; more porous clays and less smooth surfaces).

Personal exhibition at the Galleria Primo Piano Arte Studio (VI) in 2007.



Graziella Zardo , Maria Lucia Ferraguti and Maura Fontana fontana wrote about me (italian)



“The first breeze grazes you and the feeling is so nice; it has never happened before, so you feel living. It caresses you and messes up your hair, just as you imagined. It does not stop touching you, it lifts branches and leaves, makes sheets roll, raises a huge cloud of dust and then hides. It refreshes  your body and awakens your mind. It makes fun of your thoughts becoming ideas, then flies away, someone could tell me where!”


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