Secret passion...


When I was little I enjoyed carving small pieces of wood to obtain the heads of several historical characters. There were an Indian, a Roman, a Chinese, Jesus Christ and an African. All these characters were then lined up and shown off in my cupboard window.



I was born on July 26, 1955 in Valdastico (VI). I now live and do my artistic activity in Isola Vicentina (VI). In 1990 I got a diploma at the art school “Umberto Boccioni” in Valdagno (VI) and began composing my first works. In fact my first encounter with art dates back to my early youth, a desire grown almost secretly for many years that the circumstances of life had always prevented me to achieve.



“Once again, the sleep falls and steals another day, with its unanswered questions, its tears to dry, its suffered joys”



Warped figurative