Freedom of expression...


From 1992 to 1995 a greater need for freedom of expression takes over. It manifests itself by the stylization of shape, the unscrupulousness of colour and the symbolic meaning of lines, almost a refuse to further victimize the human being as “artistic character”, to manifest his discomforts, alienation and hopes. There is instead a desire of acting directly on the artistic works (paintings and sculptures), that are scratched, torn, dissected and reassembled in a completely anomalous way. The three personal exhibitions at Villa Cita in Montecchio Precalcino (VI), at the Galleria Bacchiglione in Vicenza and in Valdastico (VI) took place just in this period.



Salvatore Fazia wrote about me (italian)


Piero Franceschetti wrote about me (italian)



“Feel the sea and the sky, caress heart and mind in a magic moment of loneliness. I look around as a child does, with his needs, without understanding. Rapids of my soul, maybe you are only small waves. The moon lowers its gaze and the attempt frays to the smooth sand of the beach. I wish you were here!”




Warped figurative
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